This page provides downloads for plug-ins, syntax highlighters, and other tools that might be helpful for developing software in Shadow. We hope to add tools for many more platforms in the future.

Eclipse Plug-in

We provide an Eclipse plug-in for Shadow development with many useful features:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Parsing and type-checking errors and warnings reported as you type
  • Compiling and launching Shadow programs from the IDE, with redirected console I/O
  • Outline view for easy code navigation
  • Comment/uncomment code and documentation comment generation
  • Automatic code indentation

To install the plug-in, click on the Help -> Install New Software... menu. Once there, click the Add... button to add an update site. Provide whatever name you like and enter the following location:

If you have an older Shadow plugin, please uninstall it from Eclipse first.

Emacs Syntax Highlighter

Emacs needs no introduction. Below is an Emacs Lisp file that defines a Shadow major mode for Emacs with simple syntax highlighting.

Notepad++ Syntax Highlighter

Notepad++ is a popular, free text editor for Windows. Below is an XML file that defines syntax highlighting for Shadow inside of Nodepad++.

To install the syntax highlighter, click on Define your language... under the Language menu in Notepad++. In the dialog that opens, click on the Import... button and select the shadow-notepad.xml file you have just downloaded from the link above.

Vim Syntax Highlighter

Like Emacs, vim needs no introduction. Below is a vim syntax file and a vim file-type detect file that allow syntax highlighting for Shadow in vim.

To install the syntax highlighter, store the syntax file into ~/.vim/syntax/ and store the file-type detect file into ~/.vim/ftdetect/.